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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter the Australian Tarmac Challenge?

Pay your entry fee online and you will receive confirmation that you are in!

What type of cars can enter?

Any cars can enter the event as long as it is road registered. We have had everything from a 1950’s Austin Healey to 2008 Ferrari’s compete in past events. If your car has a rally plate or conditional rego it can still be eligible for entry, so email us if you are not sure -

What are the entry fees and what does it include?

The Entry fee's will be different for each of the events.  The fee is based on the type and duration of the events.

The entry fee includes all meals throughout the weekend.

Is there navigation involved?

There is no navigation involved in the Australian Tarmac Challenge, in fact – it is always the Driver-only whilst competing. You can bring a second driver to compete with you and he/she competes in every event – against you and as a team.

Do I need a special licence?

You only need a normal drivers licence, plus a CAMS level 2S which is available from us at event registration for $50.00.

Is the event safe?

The event is a safe as you want it to be – it is up to you and your level of ability. Best thing to do is to take it easy at first then try a bit harder as you get more confident throughout the weekend. We have a full compliment of Medical Services, FIV’s (First Intervention Vehicles) and Rescue Vehicles that come on the event. They are there for your safety if anything does go wrong.

What do I wear during the event?

During all stages you are required to wear neck to wrist to ankle clothing, and an approved Australian Standard (AS1698) safety helmet. Race suits, gloves and boots are not mandatory but recommended.

How does the car need to be prepared?

The car needs is to be in road worthy condition and with a 1kg Fire Extinguisher fitted. They have to be in the cabin within easy reach of the driver. 

Your car does not have to have a roll cage or harnesses, it just needs to be road registered.
Your car also needs to have an approved first aid kit, which is available from us, and also an exhaust which does not exceed 90dB(a), due to tightening venue requirements.

Need further information?

Download a copy of the National Standing Regulations, which will go into detail on classification of cars, and event regulations, etc. If you still need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us -